With WTPO, you distribute your press releases via all the following channels:

Media specialized in your field

We send your press release to all media of your choice, such as magazines, radios, websites, televisions, e-zines, and periodicals.

For each sending, you choose the press list to whom you wish to send the press release.


You can also distribute your press release to foreign media, which are specialized in your professional field. You choose the country/countries and sector (s)that you would like to reach.

Internet Portal

Your press release and attachments (photos, files, etc.) are also published on our portal www.wtpo.org.

Besides, journalists and professionals have the possibility of registering on this site to receive free press releases relating to their professional field bye-mail.

Your personal contacts

Besides, you can integrate your media contacts and professional relationships with the distribution of your press releases. This data is kept under your profile. For each broadcast, you designate the people to whom you want to send the message.

Mailing lists

The www.wtpo.org website allows freelance journalists and permanent editorial staff to register for free to receive press releases relating to their professional fields by e-mail.

Professionals can also sign up for different news categories for free.

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